Cotton Wool Kids - Last Paradise Film

Last Paradise is a film produced by a Kiwi who wanted to express his fears for the future of mankind. His belief is that kids need to be exposed to nature from a young age in order to feel comfortable in it and to feel bonded to it, and therefore champion its causes in the future. Without these children, with their free and risky childhoods, the future of environmentalism at least is in doubt. Too many children are wrapped up in cotton wool by over-protective and irrationally fearful parents and they never get the chance to really feel at home in the wilderness. He points out that children who are plied with gadgets by parents determined to turn them out as the next Steve Jobs will not be the innovators of the future but the consumers and that it will be the free and wild kids who have the mental capacity and flexibility to think of novel ideas. 

Watch this video to find out more about his very sensible and logical ideas.

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