The Truth About Popular Culture
by Paul Joseph Watson

'The Truth About Popular Culture' by Paul Joseph Watson has got to be one of the best videos I have ever seen as it encompasses many ideas that I have thought of but have never heard said by anyone else before.

One point is the fact that our increasingly degenerate 'culture' is enraging Muslim extremists and increasing the threat against us. Iran was once a liberal country with women permitted to shun the headscarf, expose their legs and talk freely to men without fear of persecution or sexual assault. As Western society degenerated from the sixties on, the country suddenly took a hardline turn. Clearly, they were appalled by what they saw and no longer wished to emulate us. Had it not been for our degeneracy, perhaps the Muslim world would not be as fundamentalist as it is today and we would all be getting on a lot better.

Whoever it is who controls popular culture clearly isn't trying to make the world a better or more harmonious place but one of diametrically opposed camps.

Being the change I wish to see in the world, I have nothing to do with popular culture and it certainly doesn't hurt me to be without it.

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