Kids stay indoors: What happened to, ‘Go outside and play’?

Some exerts from the article below about free range kids being in decline...

Stroll down any residential street these summer days and you'll find a curious absence — of children. 

Alliance for Childhood, a nonprofit advocacy group, complained that,“Compared to the 1970s, children now spend 50 percent less time in unstructured outdoor activities. Children ages 10 to 16 now spend, on average, only 12.6 minutes per day in vigorous physical activity. Yet they spend an average of 10.4 waking hours each day relatively motionless."

40 percent of the kids in the British study, which was commissioned by Playday, a group advocating outdoor activity, said they would like to play outside more often. Their parents simply didn't allow it.

Read the entire article here.

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